8 Reasons to Rent an RV

Renting an RV doesn’t have to just be for a typical camping trip where you stay the entire time at a campground.  There are many reasons to rent an RV due to the convenience they offer.  This can be avoiding crowded airports and public restrooms during travel.  Here are some of our favorite way to use an RV rental.

Try Before You Buy

If you are in the market to purchase an RV, renting one before you purchase is a good way to determine the type of RV that will work best for you and your family.  You will find there are so many different types of RVs.  There are travel trailers to motorhomes – different layouts and manufacturers, renting can help you narrow down what you want and need in a camper.  If you are new to RVing renting will also help you learn how to operate the RV and how all of the major systems work.  Our branch managers will train you on how to operate the RV at the time of pickup.

Sporting Events

Does your child have an out-of-town baseball tournament or gymnastics event? Turn it into a family vacation or a quick weekend getaway by renting an RV. Campgrounds have many of the amenities of a hotel but with the added bonus of giving you access to a full kitchen and outdoor activities.

Another option is to visit a local sporting event.  Some of the most popular are Nascar races, football, and baseball games. One of our renters this past fall visited a Buffalo Bills game. They were able to stay on-site and tailgate at the game making their experience that much better.  Here are some sporting events you may want to consider traveling to:

  • Nascar
  • Basketball games
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • BMX
  • Motorcross Races


If you are a vendor at a fair or festival and have to be there for several days, having an RV onsite can be a convenient way to participate.  It can also work well if you just like to tour out-of-state fairs and festivals as a customer.  In addition, many local fairs have horse shows or rodeos and riders can stay right on-site at the fairgrounds if they have a camper to stay in.  This can offer convenience as riders can stay on the property to care for their animals.  Many fairgrounds even offer full hookup sites.


Travel to an out-of-state concert in an RV or better yet visit multiple stops on your favorite band’s tour with an RV rental.  See who is touring this summer here.


Spring breaks or summer vacations are the perfect time to rent an RV, especially when traveling with kids. RVs offer flexibility that hotels don’t. No more fighting with kids about sitting and eating at a restaurant, because you can cook their favorite foods in the RV kitchen, while they play outdoors. We also have bunkhouses available which have a separate room for kids that gives privacy that a hotel doesn’t offer.

Another pro is that you are able to stock the kid’s favorite items from home – food, toys, blankets, etc. to make the kids as comfortable as possible. One of the best trips we have ever taken was when we drove our RV to Myrtle Beach with our three kids, ages 10 months, 5, and 7 during spring break. We had plenty of room to pack all of the extra items you need when traveling with a baby and didn’t have to worry about storing milk and baby food when you have a fridge on board. Staying at the campground allowed us to unplug and enjoy time together, the ocean was steps away from our site, our kids made friends with other children at the campground who they liked to bike with and paint Easter eggs. Of course, the best thing of all is the memories you will get to make with your family, exploring the outdoors.


Need a unique idea for your child’s next birthday? How about a camping/glamping-themed party? We supply the rental and you supply the campfire and smores.  This would be an unforgettable experience for your little one.  It could be as simple as parking the camper in the yard for a celebration or for older kids it could be an amazing sleepover party.

Out of Town Guests

If you have family or friends coming in from out of town for a family reunion, holiday, or picnic, our RV rentals can make a perfect guesthouse. These self-contained units give your guests privacy, extra beds (most of our units sleep up to 8), a private bathroom, a fully stocked kitchen, and heat/air conditioning. A generator may be needed to use all services if 30 AMP service is not available at your home.


Whether you need extra room in your yard for out-of-town wedding guests, an RV for an epic bachelor party, or delivery & setup for a girls glamping getaway, a camper can fit all of those needs! With wedding trends becoming more rustic, a vintage-inspired camper can even make for a cute photo op. RV resorts with amenities such as swim-up bars, restaurants, and on-site beaches, like Sun Outdoors Rehobeth Bay, a honeymoon RV trip could give you the perfect mix of affordability, solitude, and adventure that you seek.

Are you ready to take your trip to the next level with an RV rental?  We have 100’s of units available throughout the United States.  Check availability here or contact our customer service team at 269-205-3349 from 8AM-11PM EST.