Fireside RV Rental


Rental Contract

Renter's Information

This is found on the email that was sent with your reservation confirmation.

Emergency Contact Information

Delivery Location

I understand that the campers are designed to properly operate by being plugged into 30 amp or 50 amp service or ran by the onboard generator if a driveable RV. I understand and will investigate on my end to make sure I have a campsite or generator that can properly handle powering the camper. I agree not to use a 120 volt adapter when trying to run AC. I also understand the onboard 12 volt battery in the travel trailer is meant to power the CO2 detector and will not be a sufficient power source for use while camping.
Damage to awnings is very common and can happen from rain, gust of winds, etc. The typical cost to fix just one slightly bent awning arm can be $400 or more. We strongly recommend you DO NOT use the awning at all, but if you do remember any damage is 100% paid for out of your damage deposit.
If earlier start times and later end times are available, we will make sure you get to take advantage of this extra time. The final details will be worked out a couple days prior to your reservation start date. STATE PARK DELIVERY AND PICKUP TIMES MAY VARY AS WELL. MANY DO NOT ALLOW US TO DELIVER UNTIL 3PM AND YOU MUST BE CHECKED IN BEFORE WE CAN DELIVER AS WELL. THE TYPICAL DELIVERY TIME WILL BE BETWEEN 3-7PM.
Tire must be repaired by a certified tire shop with the same tire brand.
Contract Terms

This is THE place your going to want to place any special notes in regards to your specific reservation. Let's say you you spoke with one of our reps about a special add on, specific pickup instructions etc. This is the place to put these notes so they can be passed on to the branch manager handling your booking. Please understand placing a request here does not guarantee the branch manager can/will accommodate.