There Was No Solution So We Created One!

“Due to market conditions and an abundance of these RVs hitting the market for sale, the prices have come down leaving many owners unable to easily sell their RV. I believe our Principal Paydown Program is going to help many families get out from under that burden” 

Garr Russell, CEO Fireside Rv Rental

Does this sound like you:

  • You bought an RV within the last couple years?

  • Your wanting to sell but having a hard time?

  • You owe more on the RV than you can sell it for?

  • You don’t use it and its costing you money?

  • You’ve had it for sale but no action or your only getting low ball offers?

Don’t worry your not alone and its not your fault. The RV industry did a really good job of capitalizing on the market during covid and many people just like your self bought an RV with little down on decent terms. The problem now though is your ready to sell and not only are you competing with millions of other American’s in the same boat your also competing with dealerships struggling to survive!


dont worry we have a plan!

  • Step #1 Enroll in P3 (Principal Paydown Program)

  • Step #2 Apply rental earnings towards your loan

  • Step #3 Sell the RV (You or Us)

Its a bit more detailed than that but you get the point. We will work on our end to make sure your getting max earnings by taking super sharp photos of your RV, marketing it online to potential renters and well everything else! Its hands off for you. Once we (you and us) determine based on the current market, loan balance and value of the RV its time to sell then (we or you) sell. Simple enough?




Peace of Mind

We rented out our RV through Fireside and we were very pleased to get our RV back in the same condition we left it. Fireside took great care of it and we’re thankful for that.

Eric Wood

Effortless RV Income

I was a bit leary about renting out our family camper, but I would consider our first year a complete success. Fireside is great to deal with and keeps you informed. I was amazed how well kept and clean our camper was on the days we used it.

Mark Harris

Easy Process

I really enjoy this business they rent my 5th wheel for me in the camping season. The set up process was great.

Melissa Schenmeyer


What is the Principal Paydown Program (P3), and how does it work?

The Principal Paydown Program, or P3, is a unique service designed to help RV owners who owe more on their RV than its current market value. By enrolling in P3, we manage the rental of your RV to trustworthy renters, generating income that directly contributes to paying down the principal amount owed on your RV, making it easier for you to sell your RV or reduce your debt.

How does P3 help me if I owe more on my RV than it's worth?

By managing the rental of your RV, P3 generates a steady stream of income that is applied to your RV loan’s principal. This accelerates the reduction of your loan balance, potentially bringing it below the RV’s value and easing the financial burden or facilitating a sale.

What types of RVs are eligible for the P3 rental management program?

We accept a wide range of RVs into our program, including Class A, B, and C motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and more. Eligibility is based on factors such as the condition, age, and brand of the RV. 

How do you determine the rental price for my RV, and what are the expected earnings?

The rental price is determined based on various factors including market demand, RV size, amenities, and season. We use competitive pricing strategies to maximize your earnings while ensuring your RV remains attractive to potential renters. Expected earnings can vary, but we provide a transparent earnings report and projection during the enrollment process.

How does P3 ensure the safety and proper maintenance of my RV during rentals?

We conduct thorough inspections before and after each rental to ensure your RV remains in top condition. We also help facilitate regular maintenance and cleaning. 

What kind of insurance coverage is provided, and what happens in the event of damages or accidents?

The rental platforms we partner with provide insurance coverage for every rental period. In the event of damages or accidents, we handle the claims process and work diligently to repair and restore your RV, ensuring minimal downtime and hassle for you.

How does P3 vet potential renters, and what measures are in place to ensure responsible usage?

We have a rigorous vetting process that includes identity verification, driving record checks, and a review of the renter’s rental history. We also require a security deposit and provide clear rental guidelines to ensure responsible usage of your RV. Our support team monitors rentals and is available to address any issues promptly.

Can I use my RV while it's enrolled in the P3 program, and how is availability managed?

Absolutely! You can schedule personal use of your RV. We ask that you provide notice in advance so we can manage the rental calendar accordingly. Our goal is to ensure that both you and our renters have a great experience with the flexibility you need.

What kind of support does P3 provide to renters, and how are issues during rentals handled?

Through our partners our renters have 24/7 support to address any issues or questions during their rental period. This includes on-road assistance, troubleshooting technical issues, and providing guidance on the features and operations of the RV. Our proactive approach ensures renters have a smooth and enjoyable experience, which translates to better care of your RV.

What are the terms of the contract with P3, and can I exit the program if my circumstances change?

Our contract outlines the terms of our partnership, including service fees, insurance coverage, maintenance protocols, and income distribution. We strive for transparency and flexibility, so if your circumstances change, we provide options for you to pause or exit the program, ensuring that the partnership is beneficial and adaptable to your needs.

What services does P3 offer to help sell my RV?

P3 provides an additional service assist you in selling your RV, including  photography,  marketing, and sale facilitation. Our tailored approach ensures your RV gets exposure and reaches potential buyers efficiently, increasing your chances of a quick and profitable sale.

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