The Myths of Using an RV Rental Management Company to Rent out Your RV

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I recently read an article on that documented 5 Reasons You May Want To Avoid RV Consignment. While the points brought up in the article are concerning using a consignment to sell your RV, people looking to consign their RVs for rental may have some of the same concerns. I wanted to share the concerns and debunk the myths concerning RV Rental Management companies such as Fireside RV Rental.

Myth 1:

Using a Rental Management Company will eat into your profits

Yes, the RV rental management agency will take a portion of the profits.  They can take up to 50%.  However, because they have a fleet they are able to negotiate lower fees with popular platforms such as RVShare and Outdoorsy.  If you were to list them yourselves these platforms charge you 25% of the total rental, whereas using an RV rental management company such as Fireside RV Rental, the listing fees are only 15%.

Myth 2:

Renting Your RV Will Open you up to Scammers

Renting out your RV can bring out scammers that state they are looking to rent or purchase your RV but are actually trying to get money from you.  Using an RV rental management company can actually alleviate that problem.  Because of the staff experience, they can identify if the prospective renter is legitimate.  Fireside RV Rental also has contracts and security checks in place to identify the driver.

Myth 3:

Your RV Will Get Too Much Exposure

Renting through a consignment agency will get you more bookings since they drive more money into their marketing efforts.  More bookings could cause more wear and tear on your vehicle, however, you will be earning more money which will help take care of the costs of repair.  For instance, Fireside RV Rental includes 150 miles per night for drivable units for renters. Overage miles are paid out to the owner at $.35 per mile.  This payment to the owner helps with costs such as oil changes, tires, etc. We also recommend removing all personal belongings so that they don’t get lost or damaged.

Myth 4:

It is too Difficult to Manage the Logistics

While the branch manager at the RV agency will handle most of the logistics, there are some things to consider.  If you are leaving it with an out-of-state rental agency, you will need to think of how you will coordinate annual state inspections.  You may have to pay an hourly rate to the branch manager to have them take it to get inspected for you.  Also if you plan on using the RV in addition to renting it, we recommend putting all your your personal camping items in totes so you can easily add them when it is time for your trip.  The branch manager will make sure it is cleaned and ready for you to go!

Myth 5:

Using an RV Rental Management Agency Can Cause Delays in Bookings

Fireside RV Rental is open 7 days a week and has staff ready to take all inquiries to maximize your bookings.  We also have a 24/7 mobile tech support line that answers renters’ questions regarding issues on how something works in the RV or concerns if something is broken.  We also have built relationships with local contractors so we are able to get any repairs or maintenance needed for the RV done quicker than a single individual.

So there you have it, our take on the myths of renting your RV through a consignment agency.  It can be a great source of passive income for those individuals who are no longer using their camper as much as they would like.  Use the following link to learn more information or to connect with a local branch manager.