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What documentation Do You Need To complete so you are prepaired for an insurance claim?

Outdoorsy/Fireside Documation Requirements for Insurance Claim

Forms found on


1.  90 Day Inspection Form must be Completed every 90 days for all your vehicles. This form is required for all outdoorsy and Fireside (wheelbase reservation) claims.  We have one on the team page. You can also find outdoorsy version in wheelbase help center.

2.  Pre-Departure Forms should be completed By the Franchise owner/staff within 24 hours of the reservation start time.  A full spectrum of photos should be taken at this time and should be time.  Use The Time mark App  or UploadCam App to time stamp and save your photo’s for claims if needed. If you use Timemark App it will save photo’s to your regular camera app with a time stamp. If you want to use this with the photo uploader on the team page you can or send them to your google drive for safe keeping.  We want that time stamp on the photos.

3.  *Delivery form: This form should be completed by your driver upon after setting up.

4.  Departure forms: This form is REQUIRED to be completed and signed by every renter at the time of pick up. If you are NOT meeting with the renter, then please send the link to them to complete prior to the start date of the reservation and make sure they acknowledge.

5.  Keep your wheelbase dashboard up to date.  Check out and Check in on time!

6.  *Pick up/Return form. This form should be completed by the driver picking up the RV.  Ideally, he finds and documents all damage ONSITE. Keep chain of custody in mind. 

8.  If your renter is not going to be on time for the return date  message the chat wheelbase help button to have them extend your reservation.  KNOW YOUR RETURN TIMES.

 7.  Return Inspection form: This form should be completed within 48 hours of the return time on the reservation.

8. File Claim no later than 14 Days after the end date



RVSHARE Documation Requirements for Insurance Claim

Forms found on RVSHARE Website or APP within each Reservation.



  1. Departure form:  You have a 24 hour window to complete this form. You will receive an email 24 hours prior to the reservation start date to remind you. Document and upload photos of the pre-trip condition of the RV, including the starting fuel and waste tank levels and any pre-existing damage to the RV using the form. Be sure to take pictures of all four sides of the RV, including one with the awning fully extended, and the roof, as well as photos of any pre-existing interior and exterior damage.  

    A full spectrum of interior and exterior photos should be taken at this time uploaded to this form and submitted.  (A recommended photo list can be found on Fireside Pre Departure form for reference on the team page)

    If you use Timemark App it will save the photos to your regular camera app photo storage with a time stamp.  You can add them to RVSHARE from your camera app.

  2. Return Form – The purpose of the Return Form is to capture the post-trip condition of the RV and charge for overages or additional fees incurred during the rental. The Return Form will open the same day the reservation is scheduled to end, and you will be alerted that the form is available to complete and submit online. You have 72 hours, beginning on the date on which the reservation ends to do so, or risk being charged double the deductible from your payouts.  

  3. Report Missing Items or Damages: Claims for damages and missing items can be filed through RVshare through the Reservation Details in your Dashboard. Claims can be filed once the reservation starts and up to 48 hours after the reservation end date.  Feel free to email to let her know you have a claim pending, provide the rvshare reservation number and let her know your fireside.

    Photos and the Departure and Return Forms including photos are very important when filing a claim as it helps determine the pre and post-trip condition of the RV. 

    Failure to complete these forms can result in a longer claims process or even having your claim denied altogether. 

  4. It is not necessary to use the fireside forms on the team page for Rv share reservations. Be thorough in your photos and be on-time for your form completions.
  5. For more information: